Part-time Course

 The course consists of classes for learners of different levels from
 elementary to advanced.

 Each class meets twice a week.

 The course aims to enhance the students' ability to communicate
 in daily life at work or home.


Morning/ Afternoon course   April, September, January

Summer Intensive Course    July

JLPT Preparation Course    April, September


Morning/Afternoon: First Step Japanese  2 times per week  2 hours/day  16 Lessons

Morning/Afternoon course    2 times per week  3 hours/day  23 Lessons

Summer Intensive Course     5 times per week  3 hours/day 23 Lessons

JLPT Preparation Course     Once a week  2 hours/day 10 Lessons

 Period of study

First Step Japanese        16 Lesons (32 hours)

Morning/ Afternoon course    23 Lessons(69 hours.)

Summer Intensive Course    23 Lessons(69 hours)

JLPT Preparation Course     10 weeks (20 hours)

   *For more information about days, class hours and fees,
    click the part-time course schedule.


      Summer Intensive Course 2019  


     Part-time course schedule 2019 - 2020   
        (April, 2019 - March, 2020)

                    PDF (42KB) 



  Application period begins on the first day of the previous month of
  each course (ex. Sat. Sun. and Holidays).

  At the time of application, fill in application forms and submit them
  to the school office with the enrollment fee.

  Applying via fax, e-mail or mail is not acceptable.

 Course schedule


 ◇ Term : Jan - March. 2020

 ◇ Application period begins on December. 2nd.

 【 3 months Course 】

  〈 Morning course 〉

Class  Level  Days Hours Period Tuition Enrollment

First step Japanese Wed. Fri. 9:30-11:30
33,000 8,000 
 Elementary Ⅰ  Wed. Fri.
9:30-12:30      Jan.8-Mar.27  70,000
ME-Ⅱ ElementaryⅡ Mon. Wed. Jan.6-Mar.30
MI-Ⅰ IntermediateⅠ Tue. Thu. Jan.7-Mar.26
MI-Ⅱ IntermediateⅡ Mon. Thu. Jan.6-Mar.30
MPre-Adv. Pre-Advanced Mon. Thu. Jan.6-Mar.30
MAdv. Advanced Tue. Fri.

  〈 Afternoon course 〉

Class Level Days Hours Period Tuition Enrollment

First Step Japanese Mon. Wed. 1:30-3:30  Jan.20-Mar.16
33,000  8,000
NE-Ⅰ Elementary 1:30-4:30 Jan.6-Mar.30 70,000
NE-Ⅱ ElementaryⅡ
NI-Ⅰ IntermediateⅠ
NI-Ⅱ IntermediateⅡ


 ◇ State of Applications

  〈 Morning course 〉

Class  Level  Hours Places* -
M FSJ First Step Japanese 9:30 - 11:30

ME-I  Elementary I
 9:30 - 12:30       
ME-Ⅱ ElementaryⅡ
MI-Ⅰ IntermediateⅠ
MI-Ⅱ IntermediateⅡ
MPre-Adv. Pre-Advanced
MAdv. Advanced

 * Number of places : ◎ 5 or more places available ○ 4-3 △ 2-1 × Closed

  〈 Afternoon course 〉

Class Level Hours Places* -
N FSJ First Step Japanese 1:30 - 3:30 
NE-I   Elementary I 1:30 - 4:30       
NE-Ⅱ ElementaryⅡ
NI-Ⅰ IntermediateⅠ
NI-Ⅱ. IntermediateⅡ

 * Number of places : ◎ 5 or more places available ○ 4-3 △ 2-1 × Closed


 【 JLPT Preparation Course 】

Class  Day Hours Period Tuition
N1 JLPT N1 Level  Tue. 1:30-4:00 Sep.17 - Nov. 26

YWCA students
N2 JLPT N2 Level  Thu.  1:30-3:30 Sep.19 - Nov. 21

YWCA students
N3 JLPT N3 Level Thu.  1:30-3:30 Sep.19 - Nov. 21

  * For more information about JLPT Preparation Course 



 [Notes]  1. Each class will be organized when the number of applicants reaches four.
         The number of applicants in each class is limited (approximately 12).

        2. Students are placed in appropriate level class according to results
         of the placementtest.

        3. Fees are non-refundable and must be paid to the office by one week
         prior to the starting date of the class.

         The consumption tax is included in the fee. Textbook fee is not

        4. Class will not meet on national holidays.

        5. Late applicants may be admitted after the class has started with
         permission by the office and instructors.


 Explanation of classes                 

      * Click here for more informaion about class levels

 Placement test                

Test Hours:  Monday - Friday 1:00pm - 4:00pm

  ・ Students are placed in appropriate level class according to results of
   the placement test.

  ・ Placement test is free of charge.

  ・ There is no need to take a placement test for beginners.

  ・ Placement test contains a writing test and interview test.

  ・ Should the test hours be unsuitable for you, please consult the school
    office and make an appointment.


 JLPT Preparation Course

   The 2nd Japanese Language Proficiency Test (or “Nihongo nōryoku shiken”)
  in 2019 is held on Dec. 1, 2019. 

  This course is designed for those who aim to take the Japanese Language
  Proficiency Test N1, N2, N3.   

     JLPT Preparation Course