Outline of the Courses

    Our Japanese programs intend to help learners with various purposes.
    We offer a One Year Full-time Course and several Part-time Courses.

 Study at YWCA

 Students from over 30 different countries and regions have enrolled in part-time and
 full-time courses studying Japanese together at THE NAGOYA YWCA SCHOOL OF

 We hope that students who have grown up in different cultures can learn from each
 other, deepening their mutual understanding through studying Japanese in this unique
 environment and envision rich pictures of the future together.

    Student Enrollment by Country: Full-time/Part-time course 2016  
    Student Enrollment by Country: Summer Intensive Course 2016

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 Full-time Course

 Morning course (9:00~12:35)/Afternoon course (1:30~5:05)
 Each course has 4 classes a day from Monday through Friday (1class=50min).
 The course aims to equip the students with overall skills in Japanese as well as related
 background knowledge which helps the students' understanding of Japanese culture.
 Those who plan to study in Japanese colleges and/or vocational schools will find the
 course very beneficial.

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 Part-time Course 

 The course consists of classes for learners of different levels (elementary-advanced).
 Each class meets twice a week. The course aims to enhance the students' ability to
 communicate in daily life at work or home.

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 Summer Intensive Course 

  This course makes use of the summer vacation to give you a five week intensive
  Japanese language lesson. 
  Each class meets 5 times a week, Monday through Friday.

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 JLPT Preparation Course 


  This course is designed for those who aim to take the Japanese Language Proficiency
  Test N1, N2 or N3 level.   

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 ◇ Commencement ceremony on March 17





   The full-time course, 2016 Spring course, commencement ceremony was held
   on March 17, 2017.


 ◇ Friendship party on December 15.





   Each student, either by him/herself or in a group performs dances,
   songs or whatever represents the culture of his/her country.
   Then students enjoyed danses and skits perfomed by each class.


 ◇ Commencement ceremony on September 29






   The full-time course, Autumn course 2015, commencement ceremony
   was held on September 29, 2016.


 ◇ Speech contest on July 15





   Students are encouraged to participate in the contest and reveal
   the fruit of their everyday effort.


 ◇ One day Pottery Exhibition on June 15.



   Students maid pottery at the Ceramic Craft Studio on May 20.
   The Studio completed the firing and glazing processs and sent the finished
   pieces to the school. Students were smiling with their pieces of pottery in
   their hands.


 ◇ Excursion on May 20






   The full-time course students visited Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum and
   enjoyed making pottery at Ceramic Craft Studio.
   They experienced the warm touch of clay and fun to make their own works
   with the guidance of instructors.


 ◇ The full-time course, Spring 2016, orientation on April 1.



   There was an orientation and a placement test on the first day of the Spring
   New students from 13 countries were divided into 3 classes according to
   the results of their placement tests.


 ◇ Wagashi (Japanese confectionery ) making on February 20.



   Students went to Naka-ward Lifelong Learning Center and enjyoed
   making Wagashi (Japanese confectionery) with Japanese participants.


 ◇ Christmas decorations



   Christmas is coming soon ! Students decorated school lobby and
   classrooms with Chrismas tree and Christmas wreaths.


 ◇ The full-time course, Autumn 2015, orientation held on October 7



   There was an orientation and a placement test on the first day of
   the autumn course. 
   New students from 10 countries were placed appropriate level class
   based on the results of their placement tests.

   This term students from 15 different countries study Japanese together
   in the full-time course.


 ◇ Japanese School Guidance Fair on June 10


   "Japanese School Guidance Fair for International Students" held in Nagoya.
   Students participated and talked directly with people from the schools to
   further define and realize for their academic vision.




    Graduates visit school with their children    At Oshaberi Hiroba


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