本文へジャンプ 2013/03/15 


Application documents
 ・Forms marked (*) to be obtained from the YWCA 
 ・All documents must be original unless otherwise directed.
 ・Certified translation is required if documents are not in either Japanese or English. 

  *About application documents for those who has been in Japan and have some kinds
   of visa status of residence such as Spouse or Child of Japanese National, Dependent,
   Long Term Regident etc., please refer to the school office.

 Documents should be prepared by applicant

1.Application Form(*)

2.Graduation Certificate (or Certificate of prospective graduation from
  the school last attended) ・・・ an original or a notarized copy.

3.Official transcript of academic record from the school last attended
  ・・・ an original or a notarized copy.


5.Certificate of Health(*)

6.Japanese Language Background Questionnaire(*)

7.Certificate of Proficiency in Japanese(*)

8.Recent photograph (within 3 months, 4.5cm×3.5cm) ・・・6 copies

9.A photo copy of passport

10.Proof of sufficient funds to live Japan

 1)In case an applicant supports himself/herself
   @ Applicant's employment certificate
   A Applicant's annual income certificate
   B Applicant's bank statement / Certificate of bank account balance

 2)In case an applicant's parent supports an applicant
   @ Parent's employment certificate
   A Parent's annual income certificate
   B Parent's bank statement / Certificate of bank account balance
   C Letter of Paying Expenses(*)
   D Certificate of Birth or an official sdocument to certify the relationship

 Documents shoule be prepared by guarantor

1.Employment Certificate 
    Company Employee  : Employment Certificate issued by the employer
    Self-employed : Registration Certificate of Business License
               or copy of Final Incomes Tax Return.

2.Income Certificate
    Annual Income Certificate by the employer
    Income Tax Certificate issued by Ward Office or Tax Office
3.Letter of Guarantee ( addressed to the Principal of the YWCA )(*)

4.Resident Registration Certificate
     (listing all member of the family and containing all registered itemes)

In case a gurantor will cover all of an applicant's expenses during his or her stay in
Japan, the guarantor should prepare the documents listed below.

5.Letter of Paying Expenses(*)

6.Bank statement / Certificate of bank account balance

7.Certificate of Birth or an official document to certify the relationship